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Web_JohnWirtz9_8_10001.jpgJohn Wirtz is the COO of Agile Sports, a company he co-founded in 2006 to help coaches at all levels win. The company creates a suite of state-of-the-art video analysis and editing tools called Hudl for coaches to break down the game and teach their athletes. Agile got its start with the University of Nebraska Husker football team and quickly expanded to the NFL and throughout Div I football.

In 2008, the company adapted Hudl to fit the needs of high school and smaller college athletic programs across every sport and by mid 2010 their software was installed in over 1500 high schools and colleges across the country, 3 NFL teams, and 12 Div I football programs including USC, Nebraska, Penn State, Oregon, and Michigan. Over the last four years, the company has grown from its three founders in the basement of their duplex to 18 full-time and 4 part time employees based in Lincoln, Neb and Austin, Tex. Agile’s main office is located in the heart of Lincoln’s Haymarket.

John graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an undergraduate degree and MBA from the Jeffrey S. Raikes School in Computer Science and Management. Before starting Agile Sports, John worked at Sprint and with the University of Nebraska Foundation. He grew up in Blue Springs, MO - just outside Kansas City - and now lives in Lincoln with his wife Ella, a fellow Raikes School graduate, and their two dogs Indy and Sasha.

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